Thursday, December 11, 2008

Rich Dating

In the single world, it seems impossible to find your perfect or compatible match since people are so different in so many ways. We always tend to look for that single thing that separates one from the other, or we look for a lot of things not present in anyone we meet. I’m no expert in relationships or dating.

But since then, I have given up just simply looking for single women. The idea of having a simple relationship for me now is just cliché and mediocre. I now tend to look further into my future and assess the path the relationship will end up in. So instead of just dating, I am now “dating rich” and classy women.

“Rich dating” as I would call it has its perks, instead of the guy picking up the tab in a restaurant, the girl usually pays the bill for a change. Having a wealthy single woman by my side does not at all strike me unusual. Dating rich ladies is not like dating married women, the latter is evil.

Dating rich men or dating rich women, is one thing, but it’s actually the end goal. The hard part in dating wealthy people will be looking for rich women and getting to get their trust because no matter how sincere you look or sound, there will always be doubt in their hearts. You would have to give your self the benefit of the doubt and play it smart ;)

Once you got the hang of it, you can look forward to that rich date you have always wanted. There is no true guide to rich dating or dating rich women, but you would have to be resourceful and have a database of rich ladies and classy women.